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Supply Chain Finance is not just a question of cash improvement – Staci Group

In addition to improving your cash, what else can you gain from Supply Chain Finance Solutions : 4 business cases (an international bank, a retail franchise, a drink manufacturer, an electronic cigarettes distributor) will show different types of additional benefits : IT, procurement, billing, supply chain efficiency, costs cutting…

About Staci: for the past 30 years, Staci has developped Supply Chain Solutions for a wide range of markets : automotive, telecom, food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry, retail, energy, tourism, medias, bank and insurance, services…

In addition to managing order fulfilment and logistics services, Staci also provide tailored Supply Chain Finance solutions including procurement handling, stock financing and owning inventory, billing and payment collection.

With a presence in Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and the UK, Staci offers innovative solutions with a single ambition “Streamlining your supply chain to sharpen your competitive edge”




Christophe Assemat, Supply Chain Finance Expert – STACI Group












Virginie Mauchamp, European Sales Director – STACI Group







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