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A Sourcing Trip to China with a Procurement Agent

When it comes to purchasing imported products, China is a leading procurement hub as it hosts plenty of suppliers and manufacturers.

Thanks to the country’s rapid development, these suppliers are adept at offering unrivaled products that are cost-effective and high-quality, improving the options available for both home and office setups.

When you venture into sourcing opportunities in China, it’s often imperative to work through procurement agents. A China sourcing agent can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, at comfortable and affordable prices, without having to directly deal with suppliers and manufacturers and ensure production stays on track.

Upholding a proper working strategy with the help of procurement specialists can ensure you avail the best in service and quality. A sourcing specialist can develop a suitable approach to map out truly efficient and trustworthy suppliers, and convey to them what is expected in terms of both product quality and delivery.

Of course, you may also want to take a sourcing trip to make the most of options available in China procurement, and sourcing agents can help you with that too!

Tips for Planning a Sourcing Trip to China

When deciding to go on a sourcing trip to China you must first establish a strong relationship with China sourcing agents who can guide you through the experience. It’s essential to pick a quality agent with experience in the business and plentiful connections, so do not hesitate to ask for qualifications and certifications.

The following are a few tips to consider before your sourcing trip:
•Verify suppliers. Verifying the supplier’s ability to handle your order requires you to visit their factory, to see for yourself how things are done and decide if they are to your liking.
•Create a relationship with the supplier. When you find a supplier of your choice, build and maintain a good relationship, for this will improve your interactions with them and help you stay on track.
•Focus on quality control. Be thorough in describing what you want and exactly how you want it – the better the details, the better the output.
•Don’t rule out trade shows. Attending trade shows can be a great way to sample a wide range of products offered by various suppliers, all under one roof.

Tips for Dealing with Buying Agents in China

The best method of sourcing from China is through a reliable and experienced buying agent with an existing foothold in the market. Finding the right agent helps you overcome communication barriers, and seek out ideal suppliers and manufacturers that fit your requirements.

Company buying agents are best when it comes to large orders, but for smaller orders individual agents are ideal. The chosen China sourcing agent needs to be trustworthy, with good deduction and communication skills, considering the interaction that will be required to procure the kind of products needed without any hiccups.

Preventing Subcontracting of Orders and Related Risks

Even with a good procurement agent by your side during your sourcing trip, you should stay in control, especially when you visit suppliers’ offices or manufacturing setups. Oversee the process and necessary procedures through delivery, to ensure everything goes according to plan and avoid mishaps.

Make sure that there is no subcontracting of orders by the supplier, which could result in the manifestation of other risks like manufacturing delays or quality cutbacks.

Here are three tips to prevent subcontracting and its related risks:
•Due diligence for supplier quality. As mentioned above, a thorough inspection of the factory and equipment used by a supplier can help to negate situations where the supplier passes on the obligation to a subcontracted factory. This can do a great deal in displaying your control over any orders placed and help keep suppliers in check.
•Get everything in writing. You have to be clear in letting suppliers know that if they do chose to subcontract, they must get your approval first. With the help of a China sourcing agent, you can incorporate Chinese or go bilingual on the contract, to make sure the terms and conditions are clear to all parties concerned.
•Surprise inspection visits. Either make a visit to manufacturing units during your trip or get an inspection company to inspect them on your behalf, both before and during production. This helps to keep you in charge, keep suppliers on their toes and at the same time make sure that production is going as planned.

Working with a procurement agent can help make the sourcing experience easier and achieve desired results. As long as you show enough interest in logistics and let the suppliers and manufacturers know that you mean business, sourcing from China can be the best way to acquire affordable and high-quality products for your home, office or resale.

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