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Progetto ONU, procurement sostenibile: cercasi volontari!

Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo.


di Enrico Camerinelli, VP CSCMP Italy e Sr. Research Analist Aite Group

Please express your interest to participate in the following United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) project:


Sustainable Procurement is a process by which public authorities or private corporations seek to achieve the appropriate balance between financial, environmental and social considerations when procuring goods, services or works at all stages of the value transformation cycle.

Demonstrating compliance with sustainability considerations may introduce however additional administrative burdens to trade across border, particularly for small-medium enterprise suppliers when, participating in international tenders, ar

e requested to proof compliance with specific environmental and social regulations, norms and standards.

The facilitation of international sustainable procurement practices look at how procedures and controls governing the movement of goods across national borders can be improved to reduce associated costs and maximise efficiency, while safeguarding legitimate regulatory objectives which could be resolved by implementing processes and practices that:

  1. Simplify the exchange of information and data once compliance is ensured.
  2. Enable fast transfer of certificates.
  3. Allow for electronic smooth tendering.
  4. Support the legal validity of the documents exchanged.
  5. Streamline the procedures between the contracting entity and the tenderer.


The scope of this project is to identify policies, standards and good practices for sustainable procurement, and their impact on trade facilitation. The project will collect best practices that provide guidance and support for financially sound, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible procurement in B2G and B2B. The project also identifies common requirements and provides recommendations as to their use in such a way to minimize administrative burdens and facilitate cross border trade and access of tran

sition and developing economies to procurement opportunities worldwide, in line with both the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

To express your interest send email to:

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