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Are you fly ready for your digital procurement transformation?

Riportiamo l’articolo di Karthik Rama, Procurement Doctor, comparso sul nostro The Procurement Magazine “Tecnologie e nuove competenze. Le skill di un moderno team acquisti”, anno 6 n.1 Gennaio-Febbraio-Marzo 2020

Struggling with decentralized purchasing processes, little to no contract visibility, high costs and a fragmented supplier base? Want to improve vendor evaluation and reduce lead times.

The procurement function is often undervalued in businesses, not realizing the benefit that strategic procurement can bring. Procurement is more than just buying at the lowest possible price. It encompasses all the processes related to finding the money, getting the money and keeping the money (being money defined in this case as anything that has value for the business).

Procurement has been an area of underinvestment by businesses for years. Purchasing is often understaffed, and the resources are pulled into day-to-day tactical activities, leaving precious little time to focus on strategic sourcing. In other cases, true sourcing skills and expertise do not exist within a company. The good news is that historical underinvestment in procurement means the opportunities are huge and have the potential to make a significant bottom line impact for companies that choose to embrace the journey of a procurement transformation.

The procurement function has developed considerably over the last several years and is evolving daily. Most organizations start with a tactical Purchasing Department, which must deal with all the administrative tasks associated with onboarding of suppliers and ordering. So, procurement is no longer simply a tactical function of the business; procurement today is full of complexity – and many opportunities.

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