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Procurement then and now. How ‘risk’ has become the new ‘savings’

In 2012, (which seems like a thousand years ago now) we conducted some groundbreaking research done with procurement teams wherein we asked them where they thought their future lay. We asked about the capabilities and mandates that they wanted most and then we asked which of those capabilities would their employers empower them to do. This capability – versus – feasibility approach was meant to provide insights into where most procurement teams believed the evolution of the function would occur. The survey and report eventually covered over 400 respondents.

At the time, the two main avenues where procurement teams saw their future have since been the topic of endless debate. These two directions were: to lead the search for sourced innovation and to extend Supplier Relationship management beyond its original confines of performance management. While these topics are still vital to the value proposition of procurement, and recognising that huge amounts of work still remain in these arenas, the initial findings from that report have aged and no longer represent where procurement teams see themselves going.



Riportiamo l’articolo di Giles Breault, Co-founder – The Beyond Group AG, Basel, Switzerland, pubblicato su The Procurement Magazine “Risk & Procurement. Risk Based Thinking, dalla reazione alla prevenzione” , anno 5 n.5 Novembre – Dicembre 2019.




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